Looking for the ideal commercial space for your business?

Most business owners have a vision of what their business “could be”. They have an ultimate goal in mind, but need help visualizing what that looks like.  In the end, we help you make that vision a reality, while simultaneously ensuring long-term, financial security.

Most business owners want their business to not only be successful in the market, but also create equity and build wealth.

You’ve reached the point in your business when it’s time to expand. Maybe you’re renting your office space and you’ve decided that it’s time to build your own office building with enough parking spaces to accommodate your customers. Perhaps you’ve outgrown your property and you want to add on to your existing space. Or, maybe you’re a new company just getting off the ground and you want to build your property from ground up!

However, the average business owner struggles with where to begin? What is a reasonable cost to build? How long will the process take? How will I find time getting all the information I need to even begin the process? Most business owners do not have the time to spend getting the information on their own. If you ask an engineer, contractor, banker and real estate broker, all may give you different answers to these questions, coming from their own point perspective; not the whole picture. That’s where OEC comes in!

The most powerful tool OE offers clients is the ability to build a Real Estate building that, in potentially 10 years, will be free and clear and worth more than your existing business practice. Real Estate in your business practice is a key component to long term success. We help Clients to become their own landlord. We even condo real estate space inside existing buildings for those who may want to buy only 2,00 or 3,000 sq feet.

Whether expanding for growth, optimizing efficiencies, or creating an inspiring environment – every building starts with a purpose. Whatever your purpose, we build equity for you!


We won’t limit your solutions to traditional ideas. It’s your space, so the sky’s the limit. As ideas are discussed in full transparency, you’re assured of getting the best site locations, schedule, design and financing possible. This open collaboration makes it possible for you to see more options, make better informed decisions and realize better value.

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