Optimal Equity Corp. is always open to speaking with new investors. The stock market is less attractive than in past years, and we take a different approach to building long-term wealth. Clients with liquid capital to invest in a building or commercial project, who are looking to diversify their investments, have an opportunity to earn higher returns and build a legacy of generational wealth. 

We Offer Collateralized Assets with Strong Returns

Our business model allows clients to invest in a real estate asset. In our experience, this investment is better than any other product in the market when offering as close to a guaranteed return as possible.

We offer investors the ability to collectively acquire diverse types of properties such as retail space, hotels, mixed-use and much much more. Rather than investing in a non-collateralized asset, someone selling a product or service (that has no tangible security behind it), you’ll be investing in a collateralized asset with strong returns.


Equity versus Debt Investment

We offer two ways to invest with us.

1) In a Debt environment, Clients can invest on a short-term basis (12 or 24 months) and earn, on average, 8-12% return in the first 12 months.

For example, if investors are assigned a 10% interest rate clip, then after 12 months of investing $100K, they receive $110K return. In some cases, it may be a 24 month investment term, but would receive that same 10% return annualized. So the investor would make 20% in 24 months, or $120K in the 2 year period.

2) In an Equity scenario, Clients are investing in a long-term asset that allows them to put up larger capital investment, but this offers a higher rate of return. The potential could be 20% or 30% return over 24 or 36 months. BUT investors also get the opportunity to take down valuation in stabilized value.

For example, if we build a hotel for $30 million and it appraises at $50 million, investors would receive 20% or 30% of that delta (not just in their deposit but also in the valuation of the building). This gives investors a stronger commitment to the process by earning part of the appreciation of the building and the stabilized value of the commercial asset that was built.

These are extremely attractive returns in a collateralized environment, unlike a service or product absent of a “lean assignment”.  In both scenarios, the ROI is coming, it’s just a question of when.

OEC is not a Public REIT. It’s a tangible asset

Oftentimes, when you invest in a REIT, you have no idea or say in what is being done with the capital.  Units in public REITs are like stocks. They are traded on stock exchanges with fluctuating values. When investors buy shares of a public REIT, they pay the current market price based on other investors’ buying and selling of shares, rather than the actual price of the properties. They are also susceptible to the volatility of investors entering and leaving the market.

By investing with OEC in our commercial real estate properties, investors will get a real sense of our commitment. Robert will gladly meet with you personally, give you a detailed proposal and plans, oversee the project, and you will be able to visit the properties for yourself.  You can see some of the buildings in the process of going vertical or some projects that are already completed. We welcome anyone interested to see firsthand the strong equity position Robert has consistently created for himself and his investors.

So consider this. You have money sitting on the sidelines, that could be actively earning you between 8% -12% return on the Debt side, and 20-35% on the Equity side. You decide which fits your portfolio best.


Facts to Consider

We offer a way for investors to get involved in allocating a percentage of their portfolio to real estate without having to get directly involved in operating this tangible asset. Investing with OEC commercial real estate can be a compelling option for you to not only reach your financial goals; but to confidently and safely build wealth for your future.

Real estate is comparatively a safer option than stock market-based investments, especially in today’s market. History shows that if you can buy and hold, your property is almost guaranteed to appreciate better than stocks, bonds or mutual funds. Risk level is further reduced, as we only build in areas with growing population and employment.

Real assets can often hedge better than paper assets. Real estate loses little value in periods of rising prices. It holds its value and purchasing power during inflation (unlike many paper assets), which is paramount in today’s volatile economy.

Call Robert today to learn more about current and upcoming projects & how to join our team of investors!

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